Three Crows Magazine Issue #2


Fiction: Anna Smith Spark, Luke Frostick, Gerard Mullan, and T.A. Sola 

Non-Fiction:”Hardwired: Gender bias and AI” by Rebecca Zahabi, Interview with Steven Erikson, Interview with Cristina Jurado, Reviews of “Blood of Heirs” and “Rosewater”




  • “Stones” by the queen of grimdark herself, Anna Smith Spark. The story set in the world of “Empires of Dust”, tells of the clash of the fantastic creature of the sea and the toxic culture of men.
  • “Redundancy of Yellow Flower Tea” by Luke Frostick, paints a tender but a dying world that fell victim to the infinite appetites of progress.
  • “Necromancer’s Garden” by Gerard Mullan, a poetic tale of a woman who escaped the grip of the society and her controlling fiance to live in solitude. Only for him to try to drag her back. 
  • “Till the Very End of Days” by T.A. Sola, a dark Slavic drama about desperate times pushing people into deals with mythological beings.


  • “Hardwired: Gender bias and AI” by Rebecca Zahabi, on how today’s AIs and Robots inherited our biases and what should we do about it. 
  • Interview with Steven Erikson, author of Malazan Book of The Fallen, about his new book “Rejoice: A Knife to the Heart”, current politics, post-structuralism, mimetic novels, and why we should send sci-fi writers to meet aliens.
  • Interview with Cristina Jurado, editor of SuperSonic magazine and international editor of Apex Magazine, about editing her new essay collection Infiltradas: Reflexiones de literatura de género desde la perspectiva de genero (Infiltrated Women:reflecting on sff literature from a feminine perspective)
  • Reviews of the self-published sensation “Blood of Heirs” by Alicia Wanstall-Burke and the book widely regarded as one of the best of 2018 – “Rosewater” by Tade Thompson.

Cover Art is another excellent piece from Cze Peku inspire by “Stones” with a pinch of Altresyr colors in it. 

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