Three Crows Magazine Issue #1


Inaugural Issue of Three Crows with stories from Michael Kellichner, J.S. Rogers, KateKarl Lanier, Daniel M. Kimmel, Brandon Daubs, and Daryna Stremetska. Interviews with titans of modern fantasy – Adrian Tchaikovsky and Anna Smith Spark. Reviews by Alex Khlopenko and Alexandr Pyles. 


Three Crows Magazine – Issue #1


“Deciding Vote” by Michael Kellichner

“Animals of Ure” by Daryna Stremetska (ENG|UKR)

“High, High Country” by Brandon Daubs

“Diplomatic Immunity” by Daniel M. Kimmel

“Folk Hunters” by KateKarl Lanier

“Fathom” by J.S. Rogers


Interview with Anna Smith Spark

Review: The Mere Wife (by Alexander Pyles)

Interview with Adrian Tchaikovsky (by Olivia Holfer)

Review: The Tower of Living and Dying (by Alex Khlopenko)

Cover Art

“Deciding Vote” – Cze Peku

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