About Us

Three Crows Magazine is a quarterly Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine that includes short stories up to 5,000 words, book, film, and video game reviews, and interviews with writers, editors, and influencers in the world of SFF.

With so many underrepresented voices and stories untold in the genres that give the broadest creative freedom - it is only natural to give the platform to these voices. That is our goal.


Alex Khlopenko (Editor-in-Chief) - a writer and editor from Ukraine. He has nothing better to do than publish another SFF online magazine. Follow him @alexkhlopenko

Alexander Pyles is a writer and reviewer based in the US. He holds an MA in Philosophy and an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction. His fiction has appeared in Radix Media, Trembling with Fear, and Black Hare Press, and other venues around the web. His nonfiction has appeared in the Chicago Review of Books, Dark Matter Magazine, Horror Tree, and Three Crows Magazine. When not writing or reading, he is attempting to cook, garden, or play video games when his two toddlers allow it. You can find him at @Pylesofbooks on Twitter or www.pylesofbooks.com.

Ana Childe Romanian by birth, Scottish by heart, Ana is a nature lover, avid traveller, and an active member of the SFF community. With an unexplained love for stories (her parents never read to her as a child, go figure) and fantastical worlds, she is a wordsmith for evermore.

J. Florence Martin is a nonbinary writer of speculative fiction. They are inspired by a desire to make sense of the reality they inhabit—which may or may not be very much like yours. They live in New York City but can usually be found wandering down one wormhole or another, emerging a little bit different every time. They have an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction and can be found on twitter @JFMwrites

Julie Ann Rea is the author of Crazybugs (Scantic Books 2021) and her work has appeared in several places, including ellipsis literature & art, Roanoke Review, The Intima, and Drunk Monkeys. She teaches and writes in the Philadelphia area. You can find her on Twitter @phillylitgrl and at https://www.juliereawriter.com

Olivia Hofer is a lesbian writer and editor. Originally from Switzerland, she moved to England where she lives with her partner and two dogs. Once upon a time she studied psychology, now, when she's not training dogs or cooking, she's either writing or reading. At times you may find her on a bike or wearing running shoes, both things mostly so she can eat everything she cooks. Follow her on Twitter @Vinjii or read her reviews at books-in-blankets


Anthony Perconti is a contributor at Three Crows Magazine. He is a father, husband and lifelong book, comic & music nerd. His essays have also appeared in Broadswords and Blasters and Pulp Appeal.

Dan Stubbings is a writer and reviewer. He blogs at The Dimension Between Worlds

Rebecca Zahabi -  is the author of "The Game Weavers". She is a Manchester-based BAME writer, part of the Royal Exchange Young Company, the founder and president of a French theatre association based in Lyon, and the co-creator of the table-top game “Engrenages”.