Three Crows’ Nebula-Eligible stories.

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Nominations are open for Nebula Award and we’ve had the honour of publishing some damn fine stories that are eligible for the nomination.

Nebula Awards are presented each year to outstanding works of science fiction, fantasy, horror, or related fiction genre published during the previous year.

Nominations may be submitted by Active, Lifetime Active, and Associate SFWA members in good standing. The nomination period opens November 15, 2019 and runs through February 15, 2020, 11:59pm PST.

The Nebula Award rules are available here.


“Stones” by Anna Smith Spark

A short feminist story by the queen of grimdark Anna Smith Spark set in the world of her grimdark trilogy “Empires of Dust” – an old fisherman tells a young boy of his life and encounters with old gods and fantastical selkies, the price of freedom and dignity. But who is this boy? Do we know of this selkie?

“Redundancy of Yellow Flower Tea” by Luke Frostick

Luke Frostick’s fantasy story about a polluted world on a brink of extinction and an extremely lonely tax collector who arrives at a remote island to collect the money but finds an answer to how she can save the world.

“Riggers” by RJ Barker

A fantasy-horror story from RJ Barker, author of the acclaimed “Wounded Kingdom Trilogy” and The Bone Ships tells of the tight-knit circus troupe community and the dark entity that leaves under the

“Necessary Evil” by Anna K. Scott

In Anna K. Scott’s urban-fantasy short story, Ieva has heard the rumours – there’s something dwelling in the Baltic Sea. People are going missing, and she’s determined to put a stop to it. And she’s got a bat

“Knowing Your Type” by Eliza Chan

In Eliza Chan’s fantasy horror “Knowing your type” Richard is problematic to say the list – he has an Asian fetish, a checklist of what he is looking for, and the arrogance to know exactly how to fix his date. But Manami is also looking for her type, and will quite literally sew up the problem.


“In Cube Eight” by Stephen Couch

“Little Bear” by Avra Margariti – In this melancholic and tragic magic realism short story, a pregnant girl and a talking bear embark on a dangerous journey under the bright northern stars.

“In Dark Corners and Neglected Places” by Joanna Parypinski

“Thistle Esref” by Luke Frostick

“No Harbour” by Celia Neri

“Such Truth as This” by Crystal Lynn Hilbert

The Nebula Awards are voted on by active members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. (SFWA for short). Nebula nominations are open through February 15, and the form is here; you must be an SFWA member, and logged in, to nominate.

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