Interview with Michael R. Fletcher

Michael R. Fletcher the author of BEYOND REDEMPTION (HARPER Voyager 2015), THE MIRROR’S TRUTH (2016), GHOSTS OF TOMORROW (2017), and SWARM AND STEEL (Skyhorse/Nightshade Books, 2017) sat down with Olivia Hofer. Michael tells that he is the boring, average guy. Our investigators gathered evidence that he is an acclaimed author who wrote one of the … Read moreInterview with Michael R. Fletcher

Interview with RJ Barker

RJ Barker – the ANTLER OVERLORD and author of the Wounded Kingdom trilogy (Age of Assassins, Blood of Assassins, King of Assassins) discusses how he wrote three books in two years, Merela’s and Girton’s relationship and development, wonders if there is authors collective unconscious, and answers out Twitter followers’ questions. Full transcript will be available … Read moreInterview with RJ Barker

Review: “The Mere Wife” by Maria Dahvana Headley

Review by Alexander Pyles Few stories published today feel as mythical as Maria Dahvana Headley’s The Mere Wife. Not only does it tell an intimate tale of mothers struggling against one another and their sons, but it is a tale brought out from the fecund ground of one of the oldest tales in the world, Beowulf. … Read moreReview: “The Mere Wife” by Maria Dahvana Headley