About Us

Three Crows Magazine is a quarterly Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine that includes short stories up to 4,000 words, book, film, and video game reviews, and interviews with writers, editors, and influencers in the world of SFF.

With so many underrepresented voices and stories untold in the genres that give the broadest creative freedom - it is only natural to give the platform to these voices. That is our goal.

In the tumultuous times we live in, literary fantasy and science-fiction give a chance to reflect on real life, to analyze it, and propose a way to solve the conflicts. Or just have fun reading about devouring bodies of unsuspecting astronauts by omnipotent, Lovecraftian monsters.


Olivia Hofer (Editor) - is a gay writer, originally from Switzerland, but moved to the UK a few years ago to be with her partner. Once upon a time she studied psychology, now, when she's not training dogs or cooking, she's either writing or reading. At times you may find her on a bike or wearing running shoes, both things mostly so she can eat what she cooks without breaking the scale. Follow her on twitter @vinjii or read her reviews at books-in-blankets

Alex Khlopenko (Editor-in-Chief) - has nothing better to do than publish another SFF online magazine. Follow him @alexkhlopenko

First Readers

Julie Ann Rea, Anushka Bidani, Ana Childe.


Alexander Pyles is a contributor at Three Crows Magazine.  He is writer, blogger, and reviewer at Pyles of Books. You can @ him at @Pylesofbooks

Anthony Perconti is a contributor at Three Crows Magazine. He is a father, husband and lifelong book, comic & music nerd. His essays have also appeared in Broadswords and Blasters and Pulp Appeal.

Dan Stubbings is a writer and reviewer. He blogs at The Dimension Between Worlds

Rebecca Zahabi -  is Manchester-based BAME writer, part of the Royal Exchange Young Company, the founder and president of a French theatre association based in Lyon, and the co-creator of the table-top game “Engrenages”.